Hideki HinataEdit

Hideki Hinata
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Name in Japanese 日向 秀樹
Romaji Translation Hinata Hideki
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel) Track Zero Chapter 01
Debut (Manga) Heaven’s Door Chapter 01
Appears in Anime, Light Novels, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ryōhei Kimura
Voice Actor (English) David Matranga
Personal Info
Gender Male
Is Living? No
Affiliation/s Afterlife War Front (co-founder)
Final Appearance Episode 13

Hideki Hinata (日向, Hinata Hideki) is the co-founder of SSS along with Yuri. He is a boy with a bright and dependable personality and he will try to save his friends and is a reliable person in the team.


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He has bluish hair and purple eyes. He wears the standard SSS uniform like the other members, although he isn't wearing a necktie. He also wears a red t-shirt inside the polo of the standard uniform.


He becomes the first unofficial member of SSS (he becomes partners with Yuri before the founding of the SSS and decides he will follow her no matter what) along with his human roommate Ooyama, and he also is the one who started calling Yuri as "Yurippe" because Yuri was his mother's name and he felt strange calling her that. He also becomes Otonashi's friend, where he usually ends up bringing up suspicions from Otonashi that he might be homosexual. He sometimes give nicknames, such as "Yurippe" (Yuri) and 'Shiinacchi" (Shiina). He was the first one to use the term "Tenshi" when addressing Kanade. He is also the most friendly in the SSS and the most happy-go-lucky in the group. He's cheerful and flirtatious. Although he is friendly to anyone, he is only furious to Yui and Naoi.

Hinata is often used as a source of comedy throughout the series, one example being his conflicts with Yui and Naoi. Many unfortunate incidents befall upon him, such as when he is kicked down a pitfall trap by Yuri for touching her in the wrong spot in the first shown trip to Guild, when he was propelled into the ceiling of a classroom twice by a rocket under his chair during one of Yuri's plans to demoralize Tenshi (the second one is spinning, with his head inside the ceiling), being subject too cry out his inferiority to a clothespin, and almost to how easily toilet paper is flushed (both by Naoi).


In life, his team played an important baseball match. He once missed a fly ball during an important baseball game, and received drugs from his coach after the game to curb his depression. He also remembers being involved in a vehicular accident before finding himself in the afterlife.


This section contains content from the Angel Beats! anime series.

Hinata second to fly
Hinata catching another fly ball to secondAdded by Raikushigeru09Before the ball game tournament, he receives same flashbacks on the important baseball tournament when he was still alive. When the ball game tournament started, his team (consists of Otonashi, Noda, Shiina, Yui and 3 other ordinary students) won match after match and the only team that made it to the finals, fighting against the student council team (consists of Tenshi, Naoi, and other ordinary students). In the last part of the final match (there was another fly ball to second), he had a second chance to fulfill his dream making him nearly vanished, but Yui had stopped him thinking she was doing revenge not noticing she crushed his happiness, making their team lose the baseball match. After that, Hinata became furious to Yui.
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In Episode 10, Hinata helped fulfill Yui's last regret by promising to marry her in the next life. He said he'll break her window with a baseball, and they'll meet when he comes to retrieve it. After that, they'll get along and before he knew it he'll be visiting her everyday. Then he'll relieve Yui's mother of her duty to take care of the bedridden Yui, and they'll marry sometime after that. After Yui's disappearance, he told Otonashi that he'll be helping him fulfill his plans. After some conflict with Naoi, he and Otonashi encountered the Shadows.

After the rest of the SSS disappeared, he was one of the members to fight the Shadows. He was reunited along with the other members. They fought the Shadows and defeated a horde of them. He, along with Otonashi, Kanade and Naoi, went to Yuri's aid (she was being consumed by the Shadows in the Guild) and rescued her in time.He was left by Yuri along with the others to combat the Shadows in the Guild. Three days later, they held a graduation and all of them receive a diploma. After the graduation, he bid farewell to Otonashi and he believes he saved up enough luck and he will use it all in the next life (to meet Yui again). This is in reference to his converation with Yui when he states that if he and Yui met in that 1 out of 6 billion chance (a reference to the world's population), he would still marry her and that he would beat the odds for her. Then, he was the third one to disappear after the graduation.


  • He uses a Smith & Wesson 645 as his favoured side arm but packs a RPK-74 light machine gun when prepared for a combat operation such as in episodes 1 and 8. In cases where his role is sniping, such as in episode 5, he uses a M14 DMR sniper rifle.


  • In the OVA (Stairway to Heaven), he cooperates the most in Operation High Tension Syndrome. He was always seen throughout the episode in high-tension.
  • He is the source of comedy throughout the series and the most skilled in baseball.
  • He was always the target of Naoi's hypnotism.